Westport United Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, was formed by the union of two older churches in Westport.  Both former congregations gave up their buildings and built our present church at the time we came together--"to form a more perfect union."

It's worked.  We have a small but growing and vital group of people in all stages of life.

We welcome you.  We'll try to be "glad to see you!" without intruding in your
life until or unless you invite us.  We'll smile at you.  We'll invite you to take any pew you want--even the ones in the back rows.  We'll invite you downstairs for coffee after worship.  If you choose not to join us, we'll be sad not to get to know you--but we'll hope you return next week and stay for coffee and chat then.

We'll put more about our past in these pages, as time goes by--but we're truly more interested in what God calls us to become, than in what we used to be.
We cherish the past, but we're excited about the future!

Come, and journey with us.