We're not a "high-brow" church when it comes to music.   We have no choir director.  No choir.  No cantatas or bell-ringers.   

We do enjoy singing "old-fashioned" hymns accompanied most Sundays by our volunteer organist, Betty Wilkinson. 

Many of us enjoy listening to Southern Gospel music (such as the Gaither gospel groups or Ernie Haase and Signature Sound Quartet).   We've experimented with praise music through the years, but most of our music is traditional, right out of the hymnal-- because we know the words and music and like singing them!

In short, we appreciate classical music a little less than some churches, and we enjoy traditional hymns and gospel music a little more than others....but are pretty relaxed about making music in worship.  

If you're afraid of being drafted into the choir--fear not!

If you want a church where you "sing along" and don't have to learn a new song every Sunday--that's us!

We believe that making a "joyful noise unto the Lord" should include all of us, whether we sing well, sing loud, or fake it!